´`´`´`´`´´`´´`´`´``´´`´``E X C E R P T


Visual artists need to screen videos of high quality in many different contexts. Possible context spans from clean video work presentation, single channel video in gallery, a series of video for musical support, audiovisual performance with real time video handling, use of pre-recorded material and real time generated images.

I started coding in Processing/Java programming language software to manipulate video as a constant stream of single images and not as video flux. My method allows reaching or manipulating each pixel of the picture/frame from the video materials, and outputs it as new video stream.

This perspective allows a new type of work in real time video manipulation. EXCERPT does not only work as a video mixer that would merge video streams into a single channel, EXCERPT intends as well to gather video streams in screen spaces, and a ground to implement real time generated images. An Excerpt is defined as an extract from a larger work. EXCERPT software screens part of the video material in division of space and techniques.

EXCERPT spatial approach breaks the borders of separation usually thought according to time frame.

To be developed...